BBQ Packages

Burnt Ends BBQ
Group BBQ Packages*

St. Louis to Kansas City and Beyond

Hickory smoked St. Louis Style ribs with thick and tangy BBQ sauce
16 hour slow smoked beef brisket with a special Kansas City rub (chopped or sliced)
Kansas City style smoked beans
Fresh Louisiana corn salad
BBQ buns or Rolls
Extra sauce and all paper products and eating utensils included

A Taste of Texas

Generous portions of slow smoked Texas style brisket
Texas sized grilled sausage links ( spicy or mild )                                                      
Ribs that made Houston famous with a Texan BBQ sauce
Chuck Wagon Beans
Garden fresh green salad with choice of dressing
Lone Star jalapeƱo corn bread
Comes with plenty of sauces, napkins, and tableware

Memphis in May

Smoked pork shoulder served pulled or sliced with
an authentic Memphis BBQ Sauce
Smoked chicken quarters with BBQ glaze
Sweet and Creamy Cole Slaw
BBQ Beans & Fresh baked corn bread with honey and butter
Extra sauce, napkins, paper plates, and utensils
*The above packages feature select combinations of BBQ meats and sides that will make any crowd happy. We offer delivery only or on site service and cooking with our custom built BBQ trailer pit.  Our prices are based on a per person basis. The packages above  will range in price depending upon the size of group, the level of service and any extras which would be included in the menu or service. Packages require a minimum of 25 guests. Package price includes on site cooking, staff to set up, serve, tear down and all serving equipment.  We can custom build a menu for most any occasion preference and budget; lunch or dinner. Ask us for drink and dessert options too!


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